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stand up! hyperactivate!

my brain is like a sieve
10 October
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Hi. I'm a queer, quirky, massively nerdy guy in my mid-20s. I live in paradise San Francisco, and do a lot of work in the community.

How would I describe myself? I'm interested in queer theory, computers, transhumanism, linguistics, neurodiversity, modern art, 80s music, books, cats, intelligent conversation and interesting people in general. I like doodling and having adventures around the city with my computer, my iPod and a sketchpad. My brain's kind of weird, but I like it that way.

If you'd like to add me, go ahead! I like making new friends (and reconnecting with old ones)! I'm not new to LJ; I had an account under this username a few years ago, deleted it, and recently bought the name back.